Registration Information

To attend the conference, one needs to register via our conference registration form. An account is required to register for conference participation. You can create an account here. If you already have an account and are logged in, you can register to the conference at the registration and booking pages. Registration fees are payable in advance and we accept payments via VISA, Mastercard and bank transfer.

In order to submit a contribution, you need to create an account on our website first. Please visit the account registration link to do so. Once you are logged in with your account, you can submit contributions as well as register for conference participation.

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Registration Fees

Registration Type
Early Fee until 2021-04-19
Regular Fee
Attendee (Non IAEE Member)
€  1050.00
€  1250.00
Attendee (IAEE Member) 1
€   900.00
€  1100.00
Speaker/Chair/Discussant (Non IAEE Member) 2 or 3
€   800.00
€  1000.00
Speaker/Chair/Discussant (IAEE Member) 1 2 or 1 3
€   650.00
€   850.00
Young Professional (Non IAEE Member) 4 5
€   700.00
€   900.00
Full-Time Student (Non IAEE Member) 6 7
€   600.00
€   800.00
Young Professional (IAEE Member) 1 4 5
€   550.00
€   750.00
Spouse/Accompanying Persons
€   450.00
€   650.00
Full-Time Student (IAEE Member) 1 6 7
€   450.00
€   650.00
1 You have to prove IAEE membership status during registration process
2 This option is not available until your paper is accepted
3 Session Chairs are allowed to register at Speakers fee
4 Upload of a valid ID is needed
5 Written verification form is needed (see
6 Upload of a copy of your Student-ID is necessary
7 Upload of a Student Verification Document is needed (see

To register for conference attendance, please first create an account here.