Workshop - The Decarbonization Challenge

Who can participate? PhD candidates, post-doc researchers, or young professionals with less than five years’ experience.

Date: Wednesday 24 June 18:30 - 21:30

Venue: RTE Showroom in La Défense (15 min from Conference Venue – Palais des Congrès

Registration: Please register in our regsitration portal and send your resume with a list of three challenges in order of preference to Please activate javascript to view email address (please activate javascript to view email address)
Workshop is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

In a context of steadily rising greenhouse gas emissions, the French Transmission System Operator (Réseaux de Transport de l’Electricité) invites young professionals to work on different strategies and scenarios to deeply reduce man-made emissions by 2050, with a multi-dimensional approach. Five systemic challenges have been identified:

  • 1/ Energy systems: decarbonized energy vectors, grids and storage
  • 2/ Smart territories: urban planning, buildings and transportation
  • 3/ Energy use: consumer behavior, energy conservation and energy efficiency
  • 4/ Industry: circular economy, digitalization, and rare earths
  • 5/ Food-forests-fuel trilemma: land use, bioenergy, carbon sinks and forests, food

Participants will choose to address one in the above challenges in advance of the conference and teams will be formed upon registration of the participants – one team of about five young professionals per challenge. Teams will be encouraged to be in touch before the conference in order to start working on their proposal. In order to foster the debate, it is advised to provide a preliminary description of the group’s plan of action (up to four pages maximum) that would be free to evolve during the challenge. During the workshop, participants will be come up with their final proposal to address said challenge and share it with the rest of the group.

Original and creative proposals both in form and content are encouraged.  
A cash prize will be awarded to the best proposal and a cocktail reception will follow the workshop.


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